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About me:Male living in So Cal since birth. Now living in the High Dessert and loving it. Far enough away from the congestion in Cali to hear the world spin. Phish and Black Crowes fan since way back. Alice and Chains and Pearl Jam were my first real music loves. Now I like to dig on earthy vibey acoustical roots music. I'm looking for originality and something real in my music, but who isn't.
Member Since:May 26, 2007
Last Login:August 12, 2009
Location:Hesperia, CA
Birthday:November 3
Music means to me:This questions would take too long to answer right now.
General Interests:Music, writing songs, playing guitar and didgeridoo, b-ball, the great outdoors, Saint Bernards & Mastiffs.
Other Distractions:Didgeridoo's, Acoustic shiz, girl's named Yamilet.


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