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About me:I dig live music. There's no other avenue in this country it feels like to lose yourself, find something common, and plug in to that feeling. Jam music is sweet and I'll rock the Grateful Dead into the wee hours of morning, but I like an edge to my music and lately I've found that in the evolving jamtronica scene. Electronic music just has an incredibly transcendent energy to it that I love. Generally, I am a chill guy with strong feelings and a positive attitude, new to the Denver area and I'm looking forward to meeting new people and checking out mad shows, losing mind and finding spirit optional.
Member Since:November 12, 2007
Last Login:October 13, 2009
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:February 26
Music means to me:Music is all about a feeling. I never had any musical talent or at least I never cultivated it, however, I have a tremendous respect for its awe inspiring ability to connect people. When I'm at a show, I listen to the tunes, I feel the rythym deep in my soul, and I play that melody through my limbs. To dance like no one is watching is a great feeling and sometimes, if you're lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, the music, the dance, the people, the energy, everything unites in the moment and it all taps into something greater than any individual entity. That transcendence is what makes music so special to me, perhaps in time, this kind of connection will be less fleeting, more pervasive, and help to heal the world.
Schools:Philosophy and Political Science double major from the University of Richmond
General Interests:Mountains, hiking, backpacking, camping, sports, working out, travelling, road trips, laughing, beach, snowboarding, reading, writing.


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