Contests: Brain Trust

    Brain Trust is the debut recording from Stephen Chopek and Chris Lovejoy - two percussionists drunk on African mbiras, zithers, xylophones and electronics. Their first collaboration, the album is a sonic salad produced by a wide range of instruments, which coalesce above entrancing beats.

    On this record they invite musicians that have both influenced and inspired them. The guest line-up includes percussionist Billy Martin (of Medeski, Martin and Wood), bassist Danton Boller of the Jazz Mandolin Project, and Charlie Hunter who plays bass guitar, twelve string guitar, and Fender Rhodes here. Scott Harding (Medeski Martin & Wood's Combustication and The Dropper) recorded and mixed the album. The two leaders successfully incorporate these established voices into their music without losing sight of their own creativity.

    With Brain Trust, Chopek and Lovejoy clearly state their goal to create fresh music on their own terms. While the eclecticism makes for a mixed bag of tracks, the album speaks to the global infosphere in which we live today.

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