Contests: Charlie Hunter's Songs from the Analog Playground

    Charlie Hunter’s time and place are here and now. With his unique instrument, an eight-string bass/guitar combination of his own design, Hunter has established himself as one of the most tasteful and innovative bandleaders in music. Now, with Songs from the Analog Playground, Hunter has for the first time brought vocalists and a road-tested instrumental ensemble into the mix. The result is his most cohesive and accessible effort yet.

    The four singers who contribute to Songs from the Analog Playground include Theryl de Clouet from New Orleans jazz-funk band Galactic and rapper Mos Def, as well as Hunter's Blue Note labelmates Kurt Elling and Norah Jones. Says Hunter of his decision to bring vocals into the studio, "That's the kind of music I was brought up on. As a street musician that's all you played, because if you played instrumental music you really went broke."

    Songs from the Analog Playground is the latest high point of Charlie Hunter's career, and the album is a whole new sonic terrain for a musician who just keeps getting better with time. Armed with some of the world's best vocal chords and a veritable freight train of percussion mastery, Hunter is progressing at an alarming rate and bringing a lot of eager listeners along for the ride. "I'm just trying to play music in the post-music era," Hunter says. "Everyone says that this is a bad time for music, and I totally agree, especially as far as popular music goes. But that's great—It just means it's more of a challenge for us to make something happen."

    JamBase and Blue Note are pleased to give away Charlie Hunter's Entire Blue Note Catalog! Runner up prizes will include copies of the new album, Songs from the Analog Playground, as well as Charlie Hunter t-shirts.

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