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  • 11/23/12 Brian Boru set list
    • Heavy Dime
      Heavy Dime
      Posted: 11/30/2012 01:54PM

      Friday 11/23/12 - Brian Boru - Portland, ME

      *** DEBUT SHOW ***

      I: (1:40)

      Harry Hood

      Halley's Comet

      Colonel Forbin's Ascent >

      Ha Ha Ha

      Tube >

      Tube Reprise

      Fee >

      Mango Song

      Fuck Your Face >

      Mike's Song >

      Fuck Your Face >

      Mike's Song >

      Crimes Of The Mind >

      Weekapaug Groove

      Divided Sky

      Squirming Coil

      II. (1:27)

      Wilson >

      Tweezer >

      Ghost >

      Also Sprach Zarathustra

      Mexican Cousin

      Strange Design

      Chalk Dust Torture

      Slave To The Traffic Light


      Suzy Greenberg

      Down With Disease >

      Tweezer Reprise


      Harry Hood had Mr. Miner replaced with Mr. Mizner

      Mike's Song contained a "Streets of Cairo" tease

      Also Sprach Zarathustra containe an "I Can't Go For That "(Hall & Oates) tease

      Slave To The Traffic Light contained a "Crimes Of The Mind" tease

      Suzy Greenberg contained a "Buried Alive" tease

      Down With Disease contained a brief "Blister In The Sun" tease