Gibb Droll
  • helluva nice guy
    • bulgingmeniscus
      Posted: 4/15/2011 05:39PM

      gibb sat in with a band i played in in the late 80's in winchester va called unfinished business. we named it after the album by danny gatton that was popular at the time. anyway i actually replaced his brother clint in the band and also had an unbelievable guitar player who was also gibb's school teacher a guy named ray frantz. we played this homemade slow blues tune and i was playing this countryfied parsons/white b-string bender telecaster and gibb took his solo and it was sick. he was very young at the time obviously but it was a blast. anyway gibb was very cordial and friendly and supportive of what we were doing. i will always have fond memories(and pictures and board tape) of that day