• Central Park 9/16/2010
    • BiscoFeeva
      Posted: 9/17/2010 06:35AM

      So, I got to the show a little late and they ended the first set with Sheep Go to Heaven, Goats go to Hell...not sure the name, but was pumped. That's a good tune.

      They come back from set back and the lead singer tells a story.. and then they play one song and he tells a story, and then they play a song and he goes off for 10 minutes about a fuji apple tree, picks a guy out of the audience, has a 5 minute conversation with him and gives the tree to the dude. They play a song and then he talks more....

      Anyway, long story short, I wish the lead singer would have just shut the hell up for a bit more and played some music for a little longer. When he wasn't talking they were killing it. They always do, just too much chatting...

      Encore with going the distance, was awesome. All in all, I give the music a B, the experience a D+ and the lead singer an F for wasting time on stage. I don't know how the other band mates can listen to him talk night after night without wanting to kill themselves.