Railroad Earth
  • Railroad Earth Spun Out: A Commentary

    • Posted: 12/1/2011 06:04PM

      If there ever was a town in this country that needs plenty of horns blowing, it is Stroudsburg. I have plenty to say about the town, its needs, and getting away, you can bet. I'd like to say first, and I speak for the boys in Bovine Social Club too when I say, we were very honored to be lined up at Railroad Earth's Horn of Plenty Getaway. A packed house gathered around their eggs and bacon as we picked our songs for one wicked brunch at Sara’s Corner. The pleasure was all ours to pick our tunes at one fine, fine three day event.

      I clap loud for Railroad Earth's John Skehan and Tim Carbone, they have a great vision. Why not turn Stroudsburg upside down for a couple of days? Rich Berkowitz and the folks at the Sherman Theatre shared that vision and pushed forward. Yes, to reach new heights in musical experiences, it takes people like this, thinking fresh thoughts. For me and the Bovines, the weekend went far beyond the familiar, far beyond “some great band came to town and had great show.” I’d say even beyond the fresh idea.

      You must know, I’ve been around these parts for a while, hoping and hacking at the song scene. So have most of the boys in Railroad Earth. Stroudsburg and the Delaware Water Gap is home. These mountains give way to our great creative spirit. But since RRE hit the road, there’s been a big hole in the roots music scene here. It’s been pretty arid. Tim Carbone had single-handedly been responsible for inspiring all of us out here, not to forget birthing many a creative project, open mic, concert, CD compilation, and whatever.

      This past Thanksgiving weekend the love all came back around. Hundreds and hundreds of happy folks in Stroudsburg, shaking hands, waving, singing, marching, dancing in the streets, shopping local, eating, toasting and celebrating. The good vibes were plenty thick and peaceful. Bands banded. Pickers picked. Horns sounded out a fresh charge for a tense town ripe for musical therapy. Stroudsburg as getaway is officially on the fun map. This is what we Northeasterners needed. Railroad Earth spun out! Tim, John, Rich, you brought us all together for one wicked family reunion. Thanks.

      Samuel Saint Thomas