• Futurebirds album review

    • Posted: 6/19/2009 04:45AM

      I found this review for these guys' album. I did not write this review.

      Apr 22, 2009


      Futurebirds EP


      What the hell is going on? Why can’t I find a single piece of information online about Futurebirds, or anyone that’s ever heard of them, or even a review of a show they’ve played? Their new EP is in a brown cardboard sleeve; it’s hand-painted and the liner notes (if you can call them that) are written in shoddy handwriting with a ball point pen on a tiny square of paper. This becomes even more confusing in the fact that this EP is reeeeeeeaaally good.

      Futurebirds’ MySpace page describes the sound of the band as only “a good time.” This album is beyond a good time. It’s a late-'90s, early-2000s flashback to Athens’ Kindercore days, with lazy summertime stoner/wino influences and 100 percent Southern charm. I cut my teeth on Charleston, SC indie rock in this time period, and it reminds me so much of those boozy, sweltering nights that we 20-somethings flourished in so gracefully. With each listen of this EP, I’m taken back to a time when it was fun to just be drunk, surrounded by creative people, and living in the South. The word “Future” in the band’s title is humorous, as its sound isn’t a day over 10 years old.

      In each song, one can hear former Athens darlings Masters of the Hemisphere and Charleston’s Aamerican Tenants. While the whole EP is damn-near wonderful, the mandolin on the “Megachills” skips along gentle harmonies that beg to be sung and slurred along to by the crowd. Let’s hope there’s more to come from these local guys; they’re off to an excellent start.

      Noel Wurst

    • Posted: 8/28/2011 11:16AM

      I've heard a lots of hype about these guys! So excited they'll at opening for WSP in Atlanta @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on 10/8!

    • Posted: 8/29/2011 07:33PM

      Re:Post: Can't wait for them to open for WSP, check out this video of Widespread Panic, Bonnaroo 07


      And this video of Futurebirds @ Roo:


      It's a Food Drive Event, so bring your cans! October 8- tickets on sale through Ticketmaster.com!