Big Gigantic
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    • mainepotato89
      Posted: 5/27/2010 11:25AM

      so ive been able to see these guys twice in the last 2 months once in orlando for st pattys day and another at purple hatters ball up in live oak, fl. just in those two short months they have seriously been at a lot of work and even in the last year of their existence.

      I absolutely love the intensity they bring to the stage putting in so much energy into their music. It really gets everyone hyped! i love it!

      and then midway through their set they throw down some dirrty dubstep remixes and even some of their very own produced dubstep tracks w/ Dom's saxophone playing and Jermey Salkens live drums its quite the live experience!

      and these guys are only getting better and they are staying up on the times of our generation and every show will be different they are always coming out with new tracks for their upcoming album this summer and spinning different dubstep and DnB tracks to keep the pace on point.

      Im definitely looking forward to their next show. gonna be a ragerrr for sure!