Daryl Hall
  • Live at Daryl's House
    • BenBlue
      Posted: 7/22/2008 05:13PM

      Hi all- Two questions for everyone.

      1) Has anyone here heard of or caught a peek at Daryl Hall’s online show “Live at Daryl’s House”? I was watching some episodes last night as I like his stuff with Hall & Oates and he featured this guy named Mutlu, along with Chuck Prophet which was really good. Evidently Daryl Hall is a big fan of Mutlu, and is featured on his album which brings me to my second question

      2) Has anyone else heard Mutlu?

      I just really liked this guys sound; kinda Jamiroquai, G-Love, etc., which is interesting because G-Love is featured on his new album. I’m just curious to know if anyone else heard of this guy?