Crowded Streets - A Dave Matthews Band Tribute
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    • PhunkJunkee913
      Posted: 2/17/2011 08:10AM

      I wanted to reach out and let you all know about tonight’s event at The State Theater in Falls Church, VA with my band, Crowded Streets. I’ve taken the initiative to try and raise some money and awareness for Journey 4 a Cure, which is an Ashburn, VA based charity fighting pediatric cancer. It started with a website called Declan’s Journey. Declan was diagnosed with cancer at 6 months old and his mother wrote about her experiences with him through the next 6 months via a blog. Sadly, Declan lost his battle just 6 days before his first birthday and Journey 4 a Cure was started in his name. The story hit me deeply and I've taken personal stock in their mission.

      I know it’s tough and I’m 100% positive that people ask you for favors constantly; so I’m sorry if this seems similar. But I am truly hopeful that I can raise awareness for tonight’s event and so I am asking a favor. Can you please pass the word to your network about tonight’s show at The State Theater and the reason behind the cause? If there is anything I can do to return the favor, I’m obviously more than happy to do so. This is just one of those times where I need all the visibility I can get. So I thought I’d reach out and ask for your help.

      Anything you can do is definitely VERY appreciated and if you are unable to do much, I truly understand. If you want to look at the event on Facebook, it's posted on our page. Feel free to share the link!

      General Admission is $10 and VIP tables are available for corporate or personal sponsorship. They include 6 tickets to the show, an appetizer (I think) and a donation to the cause all rolled into the price. Plus the obviously great sight lines of the stage, etc.

      Thanks in advance and if you are coming tonight...please be sure to say hello!

      Thanks and we're looking forward to it!


      Crowded Streets