Richard Marx
  • My reason for holding on to the love of my life
    • darestofme
      Posted: 12/13/2007 12:03PM

      As an old time fan of this amazing artist, I have to pay tribute the the singer/songwriter that has inspired me time and time again to hold on to the love that I deserve. His music has gotten me through troubled times, and helps me to be the woman that my long time fiance looks to.

      I have had many dreams that Richard would play at my wedding. And am so excited that he is still touring. I would love to get to meet and/or experience his music first hand in the belly of a concert.

      I wish him the best of luck in his journey through life and hope that if he ever views these comments, that he will feel love from the audience, and remember that there are people out there in the world, many of them might I add, that think he is a wonderful human being.