Mario Frangoulis
  • Mario Frangoulis

    • Posted: 1/22/2009 05:17AM

      I find that most of the information here is outdated.

      Mario has given several concerts, including a tour with Sarah Brightman and has released several cds.

      There is no mention of O Kipos Ton Efhon, which is one of my favorites, although I don't know any Greek.

      Music Of the Ninght, The Acropolis, Amor Oscruro (Dark Love) Mario sings Mario Lnnza, Passione, and his last cd where he duets with Justin Hayward, Lara Fabian, George Perris, Lucio Dalla, Alessandro Safina and others. Mario and Friends, What a wonderful world, is his latest. It can be ordered from

      I love his voice!