• zeugma
    • OleMissPhish
      Posted: 1/28/2008 08:35PM

      i heard there playin bonnaroo this year

    • OleMissPhish
      Posted: 5/2/2011 06:45PM

      Congrats boys, I jokingly said y'all would be playing roo back in 08, now you are playing two sets at wakarusa (one in a primetime saturday night set). It will only be a matter of time before y'all are playing high profile slots at bonnaroo. Well done.

    • DeadSpread
      Posted: 7/11/2011 06:58PM

      Bonaroo is for sellouts. Who wants to see talent like Zoogma playing behind Eminem and Lil Wayne? Zoogma killed two sets at Waka, which kicks Bonaroo's ass. Then they went and destroyed Camp Bisco, which is a cooler festival than Bonaroo could ever hope to be.

      Zoogma has arrived. They're right where they need to be musically: perfectly balanced between a classic Funky Jam Band sound (provided by Matt Harris's beats combined with filthy guitar and keyboard solos provided by Justin and Preston) and modern electronic fusion.

      Rage on and represent Ole Miss well Zoogma...Killin' it, just killin it...