Garth Brooks
  • $130 a ticket?! That's nuts.
    • amrcnbeauty
      Posted: 11/11/2009 06:31PM

      I know I cannot be the only one that thinks $130 a ticket to see any artist is ridiculous. I can't even imagine a hard core Garth Brooks fan paying this without squirming a little. Apparently Garth has completely lost touch with the people that made him both famous and rich. He talks about family all the time like he is some great family man but wants to break the wallet of all the families that paid his way to fame. The old country boys and girls that live paycheck to paycheck and loved the man and his music will never be able to afford a $130 ticket. Garth is now a singer to the rich who cared little about him before he became famous. It's real nice to see that such a supposedly honorable family man is now stepping on all the little people that made him who is he is today. Nice way to give back Garth. If there is a such thing as karma then hopefully the casino will burn down or no one will buy your ridiculously priced tickets. Don't attempt to blame the greedy hotel owner either. I am quite sure you could have refused to play if he charged those kind of prices. You should change pricing soon before your reputation is completely ruined. I think it would be fine to have $130 tickets up front while still having $50 ones for your real fans. Good luck with this new enterprise. I for one will definitely not be coming to see you nor will I buy another cd till you wake up to reality once again. I hope others join me in this boycott. I am very happy you are coming out of retirement but not in this way. Vegas of all places. Some family place that is where you can gamble your life's savings away and get drunk 24hrs a day. Oh yeah and grab a hooker on your way home. Nice image.

      Sage from Knoxville, TN