Alison Krauss
  • Raising Sand LIVE

    • Posted: 4/20/2008 06:48PM

      Please...attention all fans of real music...please RUN not walk your nearest ticket site and GET TIX TO SEE THESE TWO LIVE!!!...I have been to 26 dead shows 33 phish shows and back in the day saw Stevie Ray Vaughn 11 times...and at least 2 fests every year for the last 20 years...this is BAR NONE...THE BEST SHOW amazing display of talent and a once in a lifetime collaboration of 2 voices from 2 different generations & genres...and it works sooooo well...saw the show 4-19 in Louisville Ky...first of the whole tour....I cried like a little baby while listening to "THE BATTLE OF EVERMORE" & "DOWN TO THE RIVER TO PRAY" (from Obrother where art thou)....1st class musicians including blugrass king Stuart Duncan playing fiddle, banjo and guitar...I am a Krauss fan...we have seen her about 12 times ...but Plant...WOW ...hes soooooo smooooth...and yes..HES STILL GOT "IT" that rock god posturing and wail...and now allison has taught him to harmonize and reach deep into his soul & experience to find the ability to tone it down and wrench out all the old emotions that classic Zep could rip from all who witnessed....if I had to compare this to anything...picture Roy Orbisson and The Everly Brothers singing blugrass influenced Led Zeppelin ...I could die tonight and never see another show after this one...please go to see this show!!!!