Perpetual Groove
  • MundyLane
    • Furtado711
      Posted: 6/16/2007 11:04AM

      search for my "new" band. yep im actually gonna be a leader finally, and lead my band to a...festival. thats all i wanna do w. my life. pgroove/fans/real/people. can i make you dance?

      i think so. i was trippin b4? right? yea.langerado, strang?>land. oh creek yea i remember now, need to see sts9 NOW UHGGGGGGGGGG

      please chck out my new cd when it actually comes out, its gonna start a new."bear:" revolution ,bc the revolution is already here? sry to say it, everyone ok, were not in 20012 o

      420 i forgot what time iot was, only 2 time to play ball?k fine im not "lazy today"

    • Furtado711
      Posted: 6/16/2007 11:07AM

      we got a really nice cd coming out, its only for free though,. any1 ?really want one, or will u fuckin burn me and copy my beats. ? mine are a little diffent than all. but ya know, i try. jon bonnam, jon theodore, rush neil, tool s, fuckin jose. fine, i know your the man, ugh. jelousy is a fuckin sin. i hate my old band, thats why were a new?>6^.> new" mundy lane"

      im not bot

      bitched. aww, no bitch. im a man.

      just took 12 hit me dude i "dare" them too!!!!!!!

      200SEVEN 00...were real fuck

    • Furtado711
      Posted: 6/16/2007 11:09AM

      join my "club."easy and free to learn" love and respect all of life, plants, trees, earth. even the god. son. we beleive in us...USAmerican history ? dont dwell on the past i almost just did.DlED, im over the hospitle. and over the losses. i lost the world. then woke up to find a person or %))%)#$^)@*%!#_@(&$_@$^&_$(&1 who cared. thats REAL LOVE.sin