Smooth Money Gesture
  • thnx 2 you Boulder freaks who came 2 Connor's
    • Leigh
      Posted: 8/27/2007 11:02PM

      Yo- Thanks to all you Boulder Freaks who came out 2 Connor O'Neil's this past Sat (you know who you are, "Snarf's!")I appologize, I frequently forget stuff and do not know all your names, tho I should.

      I personally spied a certain member of a certain well known jamband(who may or may have not just played their "final" show during a 4 nite run at rr recently) sitting at the back bar and overall groovin and enjoyin the tunes.... That especially made ryan smile, its like, " we've ben going to your shows for a while, .... gladyou came and 'preciated mine. " or somthing lke that:^) anyway, i'm glad you "hippies" came out. The crowd at Connor's definitley enjoys the SMG music, as it is infectious enough 2 make any drunk gurl get up and boogie, but when you snarf's kidz start laying down the classic spinner moves and really 'preciatin shit tha way it waz meant 2 be, that really makes me smile!

      thnx 4 tunin in and droppin out w us