Capital Zen
  • "Capital Zen brings the funk with a capital 'F'" - the 'burgh and North Countryman
    • sukotto42
      Posted: 8/11/2010 09:25AM

      By Jeremiah S. Papineau

      Senior Editor

      August 07, 2010

      It's not exactly music you can meditate to, but Capital Zen's got a sound that will make you rock off that Buddha belly.

      The Glens Falls band, which has been rocking out since 2006, consists of Terry Scoville on lead guitar and vocals, Rye Wylie on drums and vocals, Anthony Leombruno on bass, and Scott Hannay on keyboard and vocals. When the band first started, Scoville, Wylie and another bass player were a trio of musicians that came together as a result of a couple of area bands that were disbanding. They played as a trio until very early 2009, when Hannay joined the band during the recording sessions for the band's self-titled album. Then, Leombruno joined the band after the departure of the original bass player last spring.

      "The name came from the drastically different musical influences of the original members, all wanting to come together to form something huge-sounding, yet peacefully balanced," explained Scoville.

      The band's sound is a mixture of heavy funk with a progressive rock flow, said Scoville. The combined influences of Nirvana, Primus, Phish, Candiria and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others, is what gives Capital Zen its sound, said Scoville. That, and trying not to imitate other local bands.

      "We love listening to other talented local bands in the scene," said Scoville. "We spend a lot of time figuring out what they're not doing, and fill in the gaps. We're not afraid to play anything."

      "We play less covers than a lot of groups around here, and our originals have a sort of new, but familiar sound," said Wylie.

      The band first played Plattsburgh in 2008, starting with a gig at the Monopole. It was such an exciting performance the band wanted to keep coming back for more.

      "It's one of the first places away from home that really gave us a chance to play all night," said Hannay. "They made us feel very comfortable and able to find our niche."

      "One time it was so exciting that we actually had to leave one of our friends behind," said Rye. "He forgave us."

      Capital Zen released its self-titled album in September 2009, along with various other three-piece demo projects done before Hannay joined the band.

      "We are working hard at writing the next one, and everything is falling into place nicely for it," said Hannay.

      "We've got a whole new album's worth of material," added Scoville, who said the band plans to possibly start recording this fall.

      (Editor's Note: Capital Zen's next performance locally will be at the Monopole, 7 Protection Ave., next Saturday, Aug. 14. The show begins at 10 p.m. Capital Zen will return to the area in September as one of the bands appearing at Backwoods Pondfest in Peru. Check out the band at or find them on Facebook and MySpace.)