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  • Capital Zen in The Post Star

    • Posted: 1/29/2009 07:02AM

      Welcome to the rampant and wild world of Capital Zen, Glens Falls’ pillars of Funk Rock Fusion. Since their 2004 postnatal delivery, the potent trio has since been making a name for themselves both locally and afar by fighting cliché and generally ripping out some great sounds.

      Capital Zen consists of the combination of a raw, unschooled talent. Heading up the guitar and vocals is one Terry Scoville. Rumored to have honed his skills on the strings by serving as a water boy during the WWF’s Glens Falls days, Scoville now passes time polishing his talent and creating music constantly, often removed from any stint of daylight.

      The always on point rhythm section is made up of Rye Wylie on drums and Tom Ryzuk on bass, both sharing and adding to the vocals. In 2004, both Ryzuk and Wylie were minus a guitar, and a summer day in a Lake George health food store provided them with the missing link.

      The group’s early beginning as an experimental-psychedelic-trance rock project has now evolved into a sound matured by each of their particular influences. Their next album which the group is hoping to release in time for a good Christmas present is a great gift idea for anyone who likes worthwhile auditory stimulation.

      Expect it be the beastly baby of Blues meets Jazz. It’s a sound derived from a range of greats including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus and the Incubus unfamiliar to most, namely their 1997 S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album.

      “What we bring is what you hear, the weirder the better” said bassist Tom Ryzuk.

      “The new album will sound more familiar to our fans, over the years we have been learning how to speak the language,” said Scoville.

      He added, “Not being bound by any schooling is always a great way to come out with something unique. Sometimes crazy technique and focusing on a flashbulb gets in the way of a really good song.”

      Each of the members brings to the table something unique to their own music history for each of the songs.

      Drummer Rye Wylie said, “A lot of the time Terry will come up with a skeleton, and we will start to add on some skin and muscle. What might begin as folk like acoustic eventually takes off and gets deformed into our sound.”

      Although no immediate shows have been planned, Capital Zen makes regular appearances at the Monday Night Originals hosted by Hotshots in Glens Falls. If your lucky enough to catch Capital Zen live, get ready for some one of a kind fusion and even the possibility of a discussion on autoeroticism.

      On November 7, at 9:30 P.M., Capital Zen will be featured on local TV 8, on their newly revamped show 8 Trax Live. Until then you can always contact Zen on Myspace.

      -Samuel Murphy, The Post Star