Jethro Tull
  • regina review

    • Posted: 6/25/2011 01:43AM

      i attended my fourth jethro tull concert in regina last night..a 6 hour drive...pretty much a bargain to see jethro tull in a 750 seat venue right?..of course..but let me tell you about the show as i can find no review at all on the net..i'm not quite sure but i'm going to hazzard a guess and say this is tulls first casino show(anyone feel free to inform me otherwise)and if my guess of how ian felt about it last night it will be there last..and by the way...i've got $100 at least here to back up my theroy..ok..that being said lets start my review..a stellar performance as per usual by ian and his band of merry men...comming out strong with living in the past followed by thick as a brick..forgigive me if i can't remember the exact set list but i believe they hit every song off aqualung with the exeption of slipstream..woulda been nice to add as the perfect interlude it is but with tulls catalouge you best not going to expect anything with the exeption of aqualung or locomotive breath..and even then they might surprise you..the highlight of the show for me was a rousing rendition of mother goose that at the very least doubled its 3:51 studio version..ian comanding the stage as he paced to and fro across..doan on his mini drums up front..david goodier inconspicous left of the drum riser all night..john o'hara stage left on his riser..keeping a rather cool tull keyboard look..martin stage as ever with his brilliant playing..playing lead to the voice track of mother goose as ian stalked the stage..they also got to 2 tracks from crest of a on the freeway and budapest..the later was reworked a lil some tull magic..lets suffice to say that the show was no less than what i expected..ian missed on a few lines here and there..but considering blowing that flute and singing for damn near 2 hours straight is on par to a soccer game i say bravo ian..great job..the voice is there..but 40 odd years of touring the world just might have taken a small toll on the stamina..and yes straight bet is ian was rather pissed and decided to run the show straight thru..the problem being that the crowd at last nights show was on the rowdy side..being my fourth show i'm well aware of ians penchant for a captive the past 3 there was no returning to your seat if you left it untill there was a break in the song..the set up at the casino really did'nt allow this control like the theatres they usually play..there was pretty much a constant stream of hoots and one point a drunken yell of "jethro..i love you brother"..followed by laughter and hoots from the crowd..during locomotive breath in the encore a drunken fan dancing across the entire front of the stage..all in good fun and appropriate for any rock concert i could think of..with the exeption of jethro one point during the introduction to my god ian actually stopped playing to ask a boistrious fan a question quote"can you hear my guitar? because i can't" all the other reviews i found and concerts i've seen they took a intermission..i'm thinking ian thought if this crowd gets any drunker and louder i'll never get thru this so it was put aside of the nights plans..i'm not complaing really as we got the full show..might have gotten a extra song in the encore if it all went as planned..then again might not have..either way i believe the rowdy atmosphere cut it to a say the least a very unique jethro tull show..i would hazzard a bet the loudest audience since the arena days..and the smallest in quite some years being that the show lounge at the casino only holds 750 or thats my review..would love to hear about other shows on the tour and others opinion of this show