Sublime with Rome
  • Mucho gusto
    • Yoshi
      Posted: 8/27/2008 12:32PM

      I read about brad's death in high times when it happened. i had bought their self titled cd a few days before, and i couldnt stop listening to it. The sound hooked me...the words engulfed me. It took me some years to really understand what they were saying. I went through alot of the things brad did, his lyrics really helped me to understand i wasn't alone in my hurt. the parrells between us freaked me out, but helped me to better myself. i play guitar at festivals and partys and such, i play alot of sublime, it's so awsome to hear 30 people around one guy singing what i got at the top of their lungs, or when they get quiet when i play bad fish. Someone once told me they thought sublime was a one hit wonder, they weren't on mtv and they weren't that popular. he didn't like ther music, but i asked him how many of his freinds listen to sublime. he shut right up. They weren't hugely succsesful by industry standards. but they didn't have to be. They were real.