Anders Osborne
  • Anders Osborne at Smith's

    • Posted: 6/22/2010 03:33PM

      Anyone see the show at Smith's (ATL) 6/16? It's been several years since I've seen him and, if you're familiar, you know he seems to morph every few years. Well this time around was once again different than the hoppin' New Orleans thing I'm used to. It's the like high tides of Katrina swept him out to sea and when they receded Anders found himself stranded in the mountains of Talibanistan. From what I saw the other night I guess he had no other option than to adopt the local "look" and walk himself out of those hills and back to the states...and I wouldn't be surprised if he did it without any shoes. He seemed Angry!!!

      Can't deny the passion or the talent but I prefer his happier side.