Snoop Dogg
  • Meh, not wasting my money on THAT again...

    • Posted: 3/4/2010 01:30PM

      First off, I LOVE snoop, but DAMN... The doors at the Filmore opened at 7, the show was set to start at 8... come 9 o'clock nothing had happened but that's ok right? Then a screen comes down from the roof and we are launched into Snoops Comic style video Malice in Wonderland.

      This is where I get excited cause the show's about to start! Naw, don't get ahead of yourself. From here Rappin' 4-Tay came out and gave us "Playaz Club" which ROCKED, and then he started trying to get the crowd riled up (successfully).

      But wait, this is when Snoop's stage manager told him to, "Get Off my Stage." and we were taken back to a dark house with a DJ playing again as we waited for Snoop to start his set. We waited until after 11, 3 effing hours of BS filler up front.

      This all could have been cool had he thrown down with an amazing set -- and he DID play most of his hits from all the way back in the day, but he cut many of the songs short and had the DJ spin some random stuff while everyone on stage stood around and grooved on the songs (that were NOT by Snoop). At teh end of the show, he just walked off into the dark after thanking everyone. No encore. No houselights come up. It was BUNK.

      I could have enjoyed myself if the tickets we more like $20, but at $69 after fees I expect more., you can be sure I'm not shelling that kind of cash for a lackluster, late 70 minute poor performance again.