• Shpongle in TN
    • Maltozombie
      Posted: 2/1/2010 04:33PM

      Calling out to all you freaks (you know who you are) out there in TN,

      if you're a fan of Shpongle, Younger Brother, Hallucinogen (or maybe you've been into the sound since The Infinity Project) I encourage you with every fiber of my being to attend the upcoming shows in our state. i saw simon give an absolutely amazing DJ set at the Limelight in Nashville last May, and it was hands-down the best show i've ever seen,

      great music and great vibes, you owe it to yourself to go check them out, let's show them our dedication to their music in this area and give them back some of the love they've put into it,

      so come get down and jiggle more than you ever have in your life, show them that this music rings in our hearts and souls, (i know it certainly does in mine)

      and get these guys to come around more often!

      Let's get Shpongled!! Hope to see you there.