The Motet

    • Posted: 4/22/2009 03:15PM

      Hey out there!

      Just wanted to see who is going to Desert Rocks Music Festival in May?? I heard from friends who went last year that it was AMAZING--I am lucky enough to have visited Moab, UT before, and I can't even imagine the beauty of having a music festival there... The landscape itself is breathtaking (check out some of the pics and footage), and then to think of all the FUN (aka PARTY!) of having people throw down in the desert with friends and great music, yeah!

      Tickets are really reasonable (they're only $95 for the whole weekend), they have a Web site with all the info:

      And the line-up is sick too, with ALO, The Mother Hips, Hot Buttered Rum, The Motet (and the return of magicgravy, my favorite!), Billy Nershi from SCI is going to be there, and my friends from SF, Big Light...and a bunch more, you can see the full line-up on the Web.

      Anyway, just thought I would throw it out there--the festival is May 22-24, in Moab, UT, over Memorial Day Weekend--what a ROCKIN way to spend a 3-day weekend!!!

      See Ya There!