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  • Garaj Mahal & Hippo pt deux
    • chong tits
      chong tits
      Posted: 12/13/2009 05:14PM

      Hippo opened the evening w/ a 45 minute set: Bob->Square Pegs, CSB, B'guzzler, and then the Marine to end. The room had limited reserved seating 20ft from the stage out. Garaj then began staging there equipment, Eric Levy used Dave Sanders set up/ Fareed used Russells guitar amp and Kai used brians bass amp setup. They began the show w/ a tune in 6/4, then played ishmael and isaac, then a new tune, then the Paladin at one point and a cover stuffed in there too. They played 2 incredible sets and by then it was midnight. At the end of the evening all four members of Garaj: Fareed,Kai,Sean, and Eric all bowed gracefully to a standing crowd.

      The whole show was recorded and will be available at some point, keep your eyes peeled.

      Hippo Joe