Guns N' Roses
  • GN'R Surprise Gigs

    • Posted: 11/16/2010 08:22PM

      I would love to see GN'R do a small venue secret/surprise gig here in S. Cal...I have been following the headlines of the Chinese Democracy Tour for the past 8 months and have a new/rekindled love for their music...especially that of Axl's ( long story goes way back to 1990 and a Grammy party yikes!! I call it the Grammy incident ahha ;) ) I am very happy to hear they are FINALLY ADDING some US shows soon...and will hopefully be abe to see them live..However a small venue ? Like they recently did in NY, and PARIS would be a dream come true.. I will keep my fingers crossed...& In the meantime want to wish the Band all the best of continued success and warm wishes over this HOLIDAY SEASON...GOD BLESS N HUGS