Chester Brown
  • Wassup Magazine July 07
    • Chesterton
      Posted: 11/20/2007 11:30PM

      Chester Brown's seemingly effortless ability to get their audience up and dancing can only be attributed to the way they transcend and translate smooth psychedelic jams that crescendo into intense volcanic peaks of endless energy.

      Hailing from Northwest Indiana with an always-expanding repertoire of around 50 originals and 60 covers ranging from Zappa to Bob Dylan, Chester Brown prides itself on hard work and complete dedication to music as they plowed through 315 shows from 2005 to 2006. This five- piece band describe themselves as part jam band, part alternative country and part Rock n' roll, though their range expands out to include a jazzy and bluesy feel in many of their originals. Most of the band members write songs that incorporate their diverse musical influences, including drummer Dan Moore, who was literally the son of a preacher and grew up playing gospel at his dad's church and bass player Dominic Puglisi who is heavily influenced by Pink Floyd.

      Keyboardist Nate Vanderlin fells that, like most musicians, their musical journey is never-ending but they have definately come a long way since forming in 2000. " We have learned just as much on the conscious level as on the subconscious. Just from playing togeether for so many shows and practices. one day you stop and listen and think, 'man that sounds all right! We have harmonies? When did that happen?' It's hard to look that far back, but I know we have come a long way."

      The band recently recorded a new CD, "Stale Cigarettes," released May 19'th that showcases 11 of their original tracks. Besides the natural ability to get people up and moving, their honest, relatable lyrics reflect depth and sincerity in their songs if one chooses to take time out from dancing and listen. Just recently, the band brought in a second guitarist and mandolin player Mike Kneeland who provides a unique and new sound to the group. Lead guitarist and vocalist Tim Vanderlin sums up Mike's contribution by saying that "He has brought a more grounded approach to our music. He is incredibly knowledgeable in music theory and has a great sense of note placement and rhythm. Basically Mike can do on guitar what I can't and vice versa."

      When all is said and done, these guys work hard, play hard and will get your asses up and moving! Check them out at or on