Sci Fi
  • Pompous Ass
    • thomas3
      Posted: 6/13/2011 09:01AM

      This band is achieving the karma-driven, less-than-mediocre success that it deserves.

      Tim excluded, "Hete" and "Ty" have regularly acted like pompous as*holes to myself and other friends of mine. In fact, complete strangers have said the same thing. We have known this band since their inception.

      They try to sound like they are a young brand new band (i.e. they say they are in their freshmen year in a 2008 post on their website which would now make them 4 years old) which is a load of BS.

      They have been playing together since Fat Ellis started which goes back to at least 2003. The members of Sci Fi were all in Fat Ellis and Sci Fi performs songs written with Fat Ellis. Fat Ellis broke up and these guys have been playing ever since. At least since 2005. Could be longer. They have been playing for the better part of a decade but acknowledging their own heightened level of suck, they lie about the duration they have played together.

      From their bio - "Sci Fi is a three piece touring act out of Wilmington, North Carolina that is relentlessly pursuing the quest for human understanding through the art of music."

      What a load of BS- whoever wrote that crap should be ashamed of the lie they wrote, the cliche of it sounding like all 15,000 other jam band descriptions, and the fact that is sounds like somebody wrote it who almost failed English 101 at UNCW. Generic crap. "The quest for human understanding through the art of music" - Really???

      So you three are on a quest to obtain world peace through the music of SciFi which is performed by a couple arrogant as*holes and a bass player who have been playing for the better part of a decade whilst lying about that duration and don't even have a following in their hometown of Wilmington - not Asheville. You really think that your generic, mundane, trendtronica is going to enter the ears of someone outside of the white-suburbua, entitled, holier than thou, super hetty, jam scene AND...AND change the world.

      It is irrelevant and Sci Fi is full of sh*t for even saying they pursue that. How about pursuing common decency like acknowledging the people who support you, or not talking sh*t about Fat Ellis and acting like that band didn't work hard at all (referring to an article write-up on Sci-Fi in the past year - you know which one Hete), or writing something honest when talking about your band.

      How about coming up with something original instead of regurgitating the same new age, jam-band drivel.

      This band will never make it anywhere.

      Fail. Epic Fail.

      You are a product of the way you interact with people.