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  • Moogis - maybe we will catch the Rads on Moogis - Wanee?
    • 0000..boehlert
      Posted: 1/30/2011 06:54AM

      Moogis will be at Wanee this year …Moogis will be at The Beacon this year for the Allman Brothers March run!!! Can’t make it to Wanee or The Beacon ?? Moogis will bring these events to you via Webcast and video on demand !!!

      Stop by today to learn more about subscriptions. Join the Moogis forums and get your chance to win some very cool autographed memorabilia. Be sure to check out the sample stream on the home page – the Allman Brothers live at Wanee in 2010.

      What is Moogis: Moogis is the brainchild of legendary Allman Brothers drummer, Butch Trucks. Moogis is a pioneer into the new musical paradigm – a community on the Intenet where like minded people and watch live music and archived videos of some of the best music in the jam band scene today.

      Moogis value:

      Well I am getting prepped for Wanee - got my moogis subscription and making my plans for the trip. So you might say I am hedging my bets to insure I can take in as much of Wanee as possible and then enjoy throughout the year until next year. In fact right now I am watching "The Word" from last year - a set that forces you to get up and move about - !!! Seems I have played this one at least 20 times over since last year.

      I have had the following to watch over and over for the past year - many times hooked up and played thru my HDTV and stereo: Allman Brothers, Bobby Lee Rodgers, 7 Walkers, The Wailers, Stephen Stills, Bob Weir/Rob Wasserman, The Word, Dr John, Hill Country Revue, Auctioneers, Lee Boys, North Mississippi Allstars, JJ Grey, Dumpstaphunk, Funky Meters, Johnny Winter, Bononbos Convergence, Hot Tuna.

      And so this year again I want to savor and re-live the music via the Moogis archives - more than a webcast - a video on demand library I can enjoy time and time again.

      So right now you can get the Wanee subscription for $100 - it goes up to $125 on February 1.

      Yes $100 is a lot of money in this economy but if you peel back the value it is really a great buy.

      If I were to take the above number of bands I got to watch over and over that would be 18 bands - or $5 per set. But I didn't just get to watch it once, I got to watch it over and over - this distinguishes and sets moogis apart from the other that have done webcasts . Moogis the best value out there for webcasting. Oh and of course I did get to see WSP streamed live a few times also - they just did not want their show archived.

      stop by today, say hi to Butch(he jumps in the forums often) and the community and tell them the Mayor sent you :)

      Mayor of Moogis