ekoostik hookah
  • New Album!!!!
    • ohiogrowneh
      Posted: 5/3/2007 10:37AM

      I'm so excited about the future of my favorite band!!! The new album is great!! My first shows were in the late 90's at the Agora, but I didn't really get to experience Ekoostik Hookah until my first Hookahville (also my first music festival)Spring of '02, and pretty much the rest is history :)Since then I've rarely missed a hookahville, got to see them in a seriously undersized tent at Bonnaroo in '03, was lucky enough to be in the crowd as they recorded their new cd down in Atlanta, and I am even more lucky to live here in Ohio (never really thought I'd say that, lol) where I can get my fix of the amazing music and atmosphere that I've been blessed with finding in the band and its great fans...HOOOKAHHH!!!!

      P.S. If you guys could make Blossom Blast a week later next year that would be great, I'm loaded down studyin for finals so I can't make it to the ledges this weekend :(

    • Hookahfiend
      Posted: 3/6/2013 01:12PM

      New album is acoming!!! Get excited for release coming sooner than soon