Gogol Bordello
  • Where all are one and one is all!

    • Posted: 12/19/2008 12:23PM

      I traveled 3 hours to see Gogol Bordello at Terminal 5 in NYC in November of 2007. I was expecting to walk in and find the crowd made up of the local young, smelly punks. Instead, the smell of perfume, cologne, AND sweat all mingled together in the sold-out club. All walks of life were there. I saw middle-aged men not yet changed out of their 9-5 Wall Street suits drinking wine. I saw anarchists clad in black taking swigs out of their flasks. I saw teenage girls wearing too much make-up dancing in place to the pre-show techno music. At first, each "type" of person remained with their respective cliques.

      As soon as Gogol Bordello took to the stage, the ENTIRE venue erupted with life! Everyone was dancing, swaying, singing along with this troupe of gypsy punks that somehow managed to unite 3,000 people through their music and passion. Everywhere I looked people were smiling. Strangers of all ages and backgrounds danced with one another.

      I have never felt such a strong sense of solidarity and love at any other event with nothing but music as the impetus. It was a night to remember!