Gogol Bordello
  • Gogol=Affirmation of Life

    • Posted: 12/14/2008 07:48AM

      I have seen Gogol four times in Philadelphia and this New Years Eve show will be my fifth. Gogol Bordello is probably the best band around right now. They are everything that most bands aren't nowadays. They are dynamic, energetic, positive and actually care about the music they are playing. Their dedication has been tested more so than any other band just look at their past tour schedules to see what I mean. Basically playing 5 to 6 shows a week at all times. They are transgenerational from 27-53 are the ages of the band. It's actually really uplifting to see the accordionist and violinist out there strumming away and rocking out and gives you hope that you don't have to be beat up or boring when you grow up. I could keep going on and and of how Gogol Bordello makes me want to travel more and how also Gogol makes me search for my roots more and how Gogol Bordello screams that they are immigrants and they are doing what they want. Gogol screams in the face of adversity and for the pleathora of reasons that I love them they affirm the positivity of life and the undestructable spirit