Gogol Bordello
  • My favorite live experience from Gogol Bordello - Bonnaroo 2008

    • Posted: 12/12/2008 10:28PM

      Why do I love Gogol Bordello? Well there's many reasons... but what it ultimately comes down to is the energy that comes from their music. It doesn't matter if it's live or recorded... it gets me jumping. The best time, however, was this summer at Bonnaroo.

      Bonnaroo, for the uninformed, is a grueling four day festival for the newbie. Our plans to go were last minute and preparation was probably about 20% of what it should have been. Regardless, we were there to have a fun time and it didn't matter. Being unprepared for the heat and the long days by Saturday afternoon I was dead. Totally exhausted, it hurt to stand, I was sunburned and I felt like total shit.

      But that didn't matter because that afternoon Gogol Bordello was playing and I wasn't going to miss it for anything. We arrived after watching a band in one of the smaller (seated) tents and all I could think was I wasn't going to enjoy my favorite band because of how I felt. However, once they took the stage something happened. I wasn't tired, the sunburn didn't bother me and all that mattered was the music. I hopped into a pit of people who were dancing and jumping and bouncing and moshing and spent the next... nearly 2 hours or so going crazy. The adrenaline never left my body and it was a magical experience. Needless to say, once they went off stage I suddenly realized I could barely stand, was dehydrated and needed something to drink but it was totally worth it.

      And that's my experience :)