• Phish Concert tickets up for grabs!

    • Posted: 6/21/2012 06:59PM

      Hey all,

      I attend many Phish concerts and was searching for tickets to their show at SPAC in Saratoga July 7th when I stumbled upon this local marketing company (FingerPaint Marketing) who is giving away tickets to the sold-out show! All you have to do is visit their Facebook page (you are not obligated to like them) and click on their app contest. This directs you to load a picture of your favorite Phish concert photo - which is easy for many of us fans ;)

      I thought this was such a great opportunity to share, although when the public voting begins next week we will all be competing against each other ;)

      Hope you all enjoy this and let the photo sharing begin :)

      -From one Phish fan to Another

    • Posted: 9/14/2013 04:18PM


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