Ray LaMontagne
  • Ray opens for Gray?
    • drshakedown
      Posted: 8/30/2010 06:18AM

      Went to see Ray LaMontagne in Council Bluffs/Omaha last night. It was Ray Lamontagne and David Gray on the bill, and Ray opened up!?! I understand that David has been doing his thing longer, but quite frankly, David couldn't hold Ray's guitar when it comes to song writing talent and originality. Just a thought.....hopefully they flipped a coin, but I doubt it. Before the show the promoter and some "tool" from a local radio show came out, and that DJ sang the first half of that Babylon tune of Grays....nauseating. Sometimes I get REALLY embarassed for people...this was one of those times. Anyway Rays band the Pariah Dogs is good....and Ray is excellent as usually, although not as powerful as when he is solo. Peace