Jimmy Herring
  • Jimmy Herring the early years.
    • theoceanbluz
      Posted: 11/15/2007 09:47AM

      Back in 1995, I was building a truck stop in Brunswick, Ga. Over on St. Simons Isle, there was a little bar near the pier, the name escapes me. One night, like on a Wednesday or Thursday, the bar had a guy named Derek Trucks playing and Jimmy Herring was his band mate on this particular night. At the time, Derek was @ 15 or younger. They were traveling around in an old Winnebago with Derek's sibling/ siblings in tow. I got to know Jimmy during the set break, while we enjoyed a brief demonstration of the pursuits of the norml organization. Jimmy was a master then and probably was a very impressionable mentor to the young Trucks. Thanks Jimmy for the artistry!

    • buddasac
      Posted: 4/29/2008 08:56PM

      I've always heard that Jimmy was a real cool dude, I'm a big fan of both Derek and Jimmy and it is very clear just through Derek's playing that Jimmy was a huge part of Derek's musical growth. Any of Jimmy's work knocks me out it just kinda frustrates me that to alot of people now he's just "the new dude in widespread".