Garnet Rogers
  • Disrespecting the Dead Heads

    • Posted: 9/8/2007 06:05AM

      Hi folks,

      I saw Garnet Rogers listed here on Jambase and noticed that he was playing after Splintered Sunlight who were playing an outdoor free show in the street. Splintered Sunlight were very reminicent of The Dead back in the day playing concerts in the street.

      It was a great set of good old Grateful Dead music that ended with Lovelight and encored with Alligator! I was thoroughly pleased and drenched to the bone after dancing up a storm. Something I don't often do anymore unless I am seriously moved by the music. After the show I stopped in to see Garnet Rogers at Steel City Coffeehouse. He opened his set by saying something to the effect of. "Sorry about all the Dead Heads" and "I was worried about it" and "I once had a friend who was a Dead Head"

      and ENOUGH! I thought, "HEY! I'M A DEAD HEAD!" I said which he clearly heard and replied with "I'm sorry to hear that" with that, I walked out of the venue never hearing a note of his music. I think if I had stayed, even if it was the most technically perfect performance of his life, I would have hated it.

      While I really don't consider myself a Dead Head anymore, I felt I had to speak up for them to this pompous ass and let him know how I felt about his comments.

      So when you see his name listed here at Jambase realize that he doesn't care much for YOU.