• first time i heard "The Funk"
    • AwesomeX
      Posted: 3/22/2008 09:49AM

      I love this band so much. I really think they are the future of music. Everything mixed together.

      -The first time I heard GFE I was on a road trip, going through wyoming, and we found this GFE tape in the glove compartment. I had never heard of them, it was the middle of the night, and we played that whole tape three times. I couldn't beleive a band like this existed. It was love at first listen. The next day there was a snowstorm, and when we got to Ft. Collins, we got a city paper and GFE was playing a show in a couple days, so we stayed in Colorado, and saw them play at the Aggie. It was freakin' awesome. Best show ever.

      GFE is my favorite band