Hot Buttered Bread
  • damnu guys are like my fav local band ever!

    • Posted: 1/24/2010 05:23PM

      hey paul here. i got ur album with the we are one song and all those other live songs. i think my good buddy eric played a synth solo on one of th esongs. anyways. urbassist is my fav bassist in the whole world! whats his name and how can i meet him or take lessons from him? ur band is awesome! i want to cover some of ur songs. like the we are one and a bunch of others! u got any shows.? u guys still togeterher.? whats ur email? call me or text me. been dying to find u guys! all i have is this cd and for years i was trying to trace the band down. i had no idea who it was from or how i got it! haha.


      909 576 4320