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    • Posted: 2/15/2010 04:49PM

      I am a blues enthusiast since 1960. First time I heard blues in 1959 by Rufus Thomas, and it was an uphill from then on via greats like Jr.Wells, Freddy King, Albert Collins, Albert King, Champion Jack Dupree, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, B.B.King, Charles Brown and many others, but listening to Ronnie Earl's guitar, I had reached the Zenith of the pleasure the blues can give. I have never imagined that anyone can produce blues music with the delicate nuances, reaching the quality of classical music, like Ronnie Earl. I'm 81 years old, from 1960 to 2000 I have recorded over 600 cassette tapes of blues music and transcripted most of them onto CDs, to preserve them and ended up listening mostly to Ronnie Earl's music. The most unbelievable thing on Your Website was: "The number of fans for Ronnie Earl = 57". Did You omit the millions on purpose, or most of the people are deaf??? Sincerely Yours Robert Foldes.