The Kind (Blacksburg, VA)
  • all KIND players from the last 23 years.
    • godley6
      Posted: 1/31/2009 08:30AM

      Founding Members:

      Tim Taylor - drums

      Mark McLeod - vocals, guitar

      Wendy Godley - vocals, guitar

      Tom Snediker - vocals, guitar

      Keith Cooley - vocals, bass, guitar

      Alex Hamilton - vocals, keyboards

      Dave Ruggio - vocals, guitar

      Present Fulltimers:

      Dan Dunlap - vocals, guitar

      Wendy Godley - vocals, guitar

      Greg Bump - bass

      Rick Godley - drums

      Past fulltimers:

      Kurt Kratch - vocals, bass

      D. J Crotteau - vocals, bass

      Gerry Skenderian - bass

      Tom Lehman - vocals, bass

      Steve "Slash" Hunt - bass

      Joringle Starchild - percussion

      Thomas Wilson - drums

      Kris Hodges - drums

      Keven Aland - violin

      Friends who have played with us:

      Dylan Locke - bass (Yams From Outer Space)

      Mike Kirby - guitar (Yams From Outer Space)

      George Penn - drums (Yams From Outer Space)

      Bob Margolin - guitar, vocals (Muddy Waters)

      Mark David - guitar, vocals (The Dayz)

      Craig "Catfish" Counts - guitar, vocal (Electric Woodshed)

      Mandy Cash - vocals (my wife)

      Lynnie Golan - vocals

      Raj Gupta - bass (Eet Wau)

      Ahmet Bubakaya - accordion (Almond Chicken Ding)

      Jonathan Barker - keyboards (Electric Woodshed)

      Ronnie "Idiot Boy" Clifford - vocals (SCUM)

      Stu Salmon - bass (Electric Woodshed)

      John Fogel - guitar (Zookeeper)

      Jerry Abrams - congas (Jerry Abrams Head Lights)

      David Gans - guitar, vocals (the Grateful Dead Hour)

      Robin Sylvester - keyboards, guitar (Ratdog)

      Tim Mills - banjo (Crossties)

      Doug Hancock - keyboards, guitar, vocals (Locomotives)

      Henry Hancock - bass, trombone (Locomotives)

      Henry Kelly - guitar, vocals (general inasanity)

      Whitney "Leon" Lewis - guitar, vocals (The Dayz)

      Susan Paulette - vocals (Tangled Trio)

      Donnie Minson - guitar, vocals (Not Shakespeare)

      Bob Chew - steel guitar

      Bob Rogers - bass

      Doug Webb - saxophone (Doc Severinsen's Orchestra)

      Craig Willoughby - mandolin (Crossties)

      Scott Fore - guitar (Hillbilly Hotclub)

      Jeff Pertchick - keyboards

      Chris Luster - Bass

      Tad Dickens - Drums (Roanoke Times & Beyond)

      John McBroom - Bass

      Please forgive us if we spaced anyone. Our memories of all of this is a little fuzzy at times. Let us know if we did.