• OBJ Rocked!!
    • underdog51
      Posted: 7/5/2010 06:04PM

      If you haven't made it to a Cope show yet, go! All the musicians are very talented individuals and put together create very technical yet free flowing jams that keep your body moving and your mind captivated. Top it off with great harmony's, endless guitar and sax solos that peak out over and over again, passionate lyrics, and you get whole sets of "Epic" type songs that reach back of your mind, the bottom of your heart, and top of your spine. They get better every show, and the OBJ show was soooo over the top performance, everybody at the fest was talking about that show and the "rock star status" of it. Opening up with "shake everything you got", a superfunky technical song with techno style interlaced, set the pace for the evening and everybody loved the bluegrass version of Tool.

      Go see them when you can, they travel more and more these days.