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      Crouching Critter
      Posted: 6/29/2007 07:36PM

      the best thing about the trio --it FEATURES RANDY CROUCH!!

      please check out RANDY CROUCH on myspace & here on jambase



      "Randy Crouch is my brother. He's my twin of a different mom"

      -Vince Herman


      Vince Herman met fiddle virtuoso Randy Crouch at this years Woody Guthrie Folk Festival and the two immediately hit it off. One week later, they were still playing together and Herman deemed the Tahlequah, Oklahoma-based musician his twin brother, Funky Red.

      On Friday July 22, the dynamic duo played The Shanti in St. Louis. Their beer garden set included spirited versions of the Herman-penned "Hey Woody Guthrie," the Leftover Salmon standard "Ain't Nobody's Business" and Bob Dylan's "Buckets of Rain." They closed with a rousing "Fuzzy Little Hippie Girl," into "Girl With the Biggest Hair and the Longest Nails."

      The two then migrated inside, joining hometown band Alabaster Brown for a 90-minute closing set. There were nine musicians crammed into a small corner tavern that was hotter than hell and packed to the rafters.

      Things started off with a Brown-dominated cover of Johnny Cash's "Big River." When Crouch took his first solo the rolling waters turned to rapids. He shredded through song after song stopping only to swill and change strings.

      Herman tread carefully at first, but quickly seized control of the band, tearing through high-energy, slam-grass-versions of "He's Gone," "You Ain't Going Nowhere" and "I'm Feeling All Right," complete with requisite, City of Blues-themed improv.

      The evening's highlights were Willie Nelson-inspired, most notably the politically twisted "Mama's Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be @$$holes." Before the hyper-extended, set-closer "Stay All Night, Stay a Little Longer," Herman shrugged off a warning to his band mates: "This one's in E minor... just follow me." His new friends cautiously obliged, ultimately delivering his strongest rhythm section since Tye North-era Salmon. Craig Warmbold 7/25/05 Show Review


      Praise Jah And the Snow for a Super Fat Week of Grooves

      It’s not yet spring break, but already we are looking at one of the biggest weeks of live music this winter. There are up-and-coming independent bands, 80s rock legends, armed forces country, and tons of world-class reggae. And after this week, the music scene doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Praise Jah and the snow.

      Vince Herman Trio

      The legendary Vince Herman, front man of Leftover Salmon, is on the road spreading his good time pickin’ and foot stompin’ sounds accompanied by a couple of his favorite musicians, Randy Crouch and Cliff Starbuck. The Trio plays the Fly Me To The Moon Saloon Friday, Jan. 20, and is on the mountain on Saturday.

      Crouch, often referred to as the “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Fiddle Player,” is a groundbreaker on the Red Dirt music scene. Best known for his incredible fiddle playing, he also plays guitar, pedal steel, piano, and a mean slide mandolin. As if his exceptional musicianship wasn’t enough, Crouch is also a talented singer and songwriter.

      -The Telluride Watch Published:1/20/06 Grooview, By Mark Steele


      "I always enjoy playing with Vince. We know a lot of the same songs, and I've been trying to recall some of those lately. Randy Crouch is awesome, too." -Cliff Starbuck bassist for ekoostik Hookah & the Vince Herman Trio