Trampled By Turtles
  • Madison WI show

    • Posted: 1/29/2013 11:50AM

      Saw the show in Madtown Sat. night. I loved the old orpheum, but the acoustics suck. The first duo, "Brown Bird" from RI. kicked my ass, they are very talented, especially the gal. I will buy their music. Second act, "Karl" doing special effects with looping went on too long, he began to annoy me, has potential, but in his own world, good steel guitar. Now Trampled hit it right on the head, how they can keep up going 110 MPH is beyond me and their CD's don't do their shows justice, great background with the full moon and fog, great show and advise you people to go see them. They reminded me of the Peanuts gang with each artist in his own position just ripping the shit out of the place. My daughter had to get back to Minneapolis early the next morning before the storm so we missed the end, too bad for me, I'll be back!