The Avett Brothers
  • AVETT BROTHER at the ZOO!!!
    • ramsaaa
      Posted: 6/25/2009 01:48PM

      Well to start, I think the Avett Brothers are GREAT!!! About a year and a half ago my good friend who I like to call "Free" Jim Cote (he now lives in Hotlanta) stopped by my place and gave me a copy of the Avett Brothers first two CD's and my girl friend Amy and I were VERY IMPRESSED and since then The Avett Brothers have done nothing but great things!!! My brother Ben lives in NC and I am envious because he was able to see the Avett Brothers all the time, but being in the Mid-West seeing them is very limited. Also I have never seen a show at the MN Zoo and have missed seeing YMSB and Bela shows the last couple years because of Boundary Waters trips... I am just destined to see a band I like there sooner or later... I hear there isn't a bad seat in the place... Thanks for your consideration and if the tickets go to someone else and you are running this same idea for YMSB in August... I'd go to that all the same! : )