Medeski Martin & Wood
  • Plea to find recordings for a friend!

    • Posted: 3/29/2011 02:25PM

      Hi To all dedicated Bootleggers and Fans of Medeski Martin and Wood!

      I am new to the bootlegging game and trying to find some bootlegs for a friend as both a present and as part of a “quest” (or a bet depending on which one of us you talk too!).

      The deal is I have roughly a month or so to try to find and or download the following bootlegs that my friend ( a DIE HARD MMW fan) has been trying to find for like, well forever. As I am never one to back down from a challenge (especially for a good friend)…I am able to do whatever I can and use and all means at my disposal to try to find these recordings.

      Here is what I am looking for:

      1. May 3, 2001 - Houston - Fitzgerald's

      2. November 27, 1996 - Austin - Liberty Lunch

      3. 7/23/99 – Austin – Stubbs BBQ

      4. 12/08/01 – New Orleans – Tipitina’s

      If you have any insight, assistance, help with locating these recordings or just want to see if I can find them, please do not hesitate to email me at or answer this thread.

      Thank you everyone!


      Determined Jersey Girl