Porter Batiste Stoltz
  • P-B-S... They Funk the Best - festival season!
    • ~*~Sistah Snow~*~
      ~*~Sistah Snow~*~
      Posted: 6/6/2008 03:10PM

      Just wanted to remind everyone that this funky trio is making their appearance at Wakarusa on June 7th @ 6PM - Sun Up Stage.

      They're also making their debut performance at Bonnaroo on June 12th and playing a late night show at the New Orleans tent (Somethin' Else stage) from 12-4AM. Yeowza!

      Anyone planning on coming out? Out of all of you 309 jammy fans, I'm sure you'll be able to catch these boys somewhere. I'll definitely be at Vibes to see 'em for sure:-)

      For all you tapers out there, be sure to share share share! I've got to get me a piece of these shows.